3 Places to See Fall Leaves in Davis County

The long summer days have come to an end, and the beauty of fall is upon us. Yes, the days are shorter and the weather is a little more crisp, but the changing leaves are gorgeous! Seeing as tomorrow is the first day of Fall, what better way to ring in the season than give 3 places to see fall leaves in Davis County?

Fall Leaves

We know there are PLENTY of places along the Wasatch Front to see the leaves, but sometimes there isn’t a ton of time to go deep in the mountains. Our list consists of three spots in Davis County and are perfect for an afternoon outing. Of course, all you really have to do is look up at our beautiful mountains and you will see the colors of fall right before your eyes! Here it goes:

1. Fernwood Trail

Constant vibrant colors may not be found quite yet; however, every so often a gorgeous tree of fire comes into view and you get the perfect taste of fall. Find directions to the trail/picnic area by clicking on the following link: Fernwood Trail. You can even make an afternoon or evening out of the visit and use the picnic area located at the base of the trail. 

Fernwood Trail

Looking over the valley of Fernwood


Looking up the mountain in Fernwood

Fernwood Leaves

Fall leaves in Fernwood

2. Farmington Canyon

Our second recommendation to see the colors of Fall is Farmington Canyon. You can either drive up the Canyon (stay safe) or hike up Farmington Creek Trail. The colors up there are absolutely stunning and the leaves are changing quickly so you better get up there while there is still time! 

Sunset Campground Fall

Awesome photo at Sunset Campground taken by Jenny Gray @grayrunsutah

Farmington Canyon

Fall in Farmington Canyon taken by Jenny Gray @grayrunsutah

3. Mueller Park Canyon & Trail

Last but not least, we recommend checking out the leaves at Mueller Park Canyon & Trail. Every turn you take is another beautiful site to see. We suggest you occasionally take the chance to look up. Yes, it may sound like a silly suggestion, but some of the most gorgeous views were seen when looking up at the leaves as the sun acted as the perfect back-light. This trail is horse, mountain biking, family, and dog friendly. 

Mueller Park Dog

Enjoying fall at Mueller Park

Fall Tree

Tree of fire at Mueller Park Canyon

Fall Leaves

The many colors of fall

Fall in Utah

We love fall in Utah!

We hope everyone has a wonderful fall season and gets out to see all the beauty our wonderful county has to offer! Tag your photos on Instagram #playindavis.

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