Night Sky Program on Antelope Island State Park (13).jpg
Antelope Island State Park, Utah, USA
4528 West 1700 South Syracuse Utah 84075 US
Event Details

Join long time night sky enthusiast, Tom Sevcik, for a program about the stars and constellations we can see in the beginning of October. Meet in the visitor center at 7:30 pm but dress to go outside as well. We will have a few telescopes to view some of our night sky wonders.

Tom fell in love with the night sky in October of 1957 when he saw the world’s first “man-made-moon,” known as the Russian satellite, Sputnik. Soon after Tom got his first telescope and his passion for anything astronomy was born. To fuel that passion Tom currently assists at the Clarke Planetarium, Salt Lake Astronomical Society and the National Park Service in Great Basin National Park. Tom delights in showing everyone the wonders of our universe.

If you have any questions about the stars, constellations, telescopes or anything astronomy related, Tom will happily engage in a conversation with a galaxy of knowledge.
Solar viewing will take place from 5:00 pm to sunset. Deep space viewing will begin at dark.

If you bring a flashlight, please make sure it has a red filter on it. No white lights. When entering the parking area, please switch your car headlights to parking lights only.


October 5th, 2018
Start: 7:30pm
Stargazing: Dusk till dark sky sets in for full effect
Where: Meet at the Visitor’s Center