Ragtime at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre

525 North 400 West, Centerville, UT, USA
525 North 400 West Centerville Utah 84014 US
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In this thematic and expressive piece of historical fiction, CenterPoint Legacy Theater’s Ragtime weaves a tapestry of stories and examines human nature under a beautiful microscope.

Three seemingly different families leading very different lives: a wealthy white family, an immigrant father and his daughter, and a talented black man who is a genius at the ragtime piano. Their stories seem so vastly separate, yet Ragtime manages to interweave their stories together in a magical and unforgettable way, leaving audiences breathless by the end.

Director: Emily Wadley
Musical Director: Derek Myler
Choreographer: Marilyn Montgomery

Ragtime is sponsored by a generous donation from First National Bank.

Content Advisory: Ragtime is a beautiful and poignant depiction of a period in history when there was a flood of immigrants flocking to the United States for a better life. Cultures, religions and races clashed as the ingredients of New York City’s melting pot were thrown together. In order to be true to the story, this depiction includes scenes with racial slurs, violence and conflict. CPT believes that theatre is a safe place for us to
explore our own humanity, including our best and worst choices. CPT relies on parents to determine what is appropriate for their children.


Showing: Setpember 28 – October 27
Monday – Saturday 7:30PM, Saturday Matinee 2:30PM
Tickets: $17.50-$27.00, Free Parking