The Pirates of Penzance @ CenterPoint Legacy Theatre

525 North 400 West, Centerville, UT, USA
525 North 400 West Centerville Utah 84014 US
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In this fun and charming operetta, The Pirates of Penzance is one hilarious moment after the next and CenterPoint Legacy Theatre doesn’t miss a single beat.

Frederic is an indentured pirate apprentice and now that it’s his 21st birthday he’s leaving the pirate business and has vowed to destroy his pirate comrades because he despises everything about what they do. When he meets the lovely Mabel and her sisters, he decides it’s time to take a wife. Now all he has to do is fight off his pirate friends and live his sense of duty so he can find his happily ever after.

Directed by Liz Christensen, Musically Directed by Anthony T. Buck, Choreographed by Liz Christensen and performed by two enthusiastic and charismatic casts, this production of The Pirates of Penzance is going to be your new favorite musical. Melodic and spectacular, this show is one fun night at the theater at CenterPointLegacy Theatre.


August 3 – September 1 2018
Monday – Saturday 7:30PM, Saturday Matinee 2:30PM
Tickets – $17.50-$27.00, Free Parking